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The Overall Contrast between Amazon, eBay and Topons

Amazon and eBay are both the world’s most famous online marketplace, the competition between them become more and more fierce in recent years.

As for the new online marketplace —Topons online marketplace maybe it’s nothing compared to EBay and Amazon in sales volume, but it also has some shining point in user experience.


Advantages of Topons

Custom products. You can get this kind of special products at Topons. Such as wedding dress, men’s suit, evening dress and so on. You do not need to complain anymore on your big shape from now on.

Buyer protection. Customer service specialist is available 7 days a week by phone or e-mail to help buyers resolve problems as soon as possible.

100% quality guarantee. All the sellers on Topons must passed though Topons’ strict terms of verification before. Topons guarantee the quality of any products on topons.

Return and refund. Topons allow any reasonable requirement of return and refund. The deadline should be within 45 days.

Variety of promotion activity. 20%-40% discount, get usd10 coupon just by registering, buy one get one free….they just keep coming up with new tactics all the time.

….and disadvantages

Low prices. Topons may be the place where buyers go to find bargains. Subsequently, there is fierce competition in the marketplace and prices there tend to be lower than on the high street, or even on the wider internet. This may lead to accusations that Topons drives down prices and devalues brands.

Lack of popularity. As a new online marketplace. The publicity of Topons is not enough yet. Thus the market share of Topons is very limited now.


Advantages of Amazon…

  • Easy to list. As Amazon has its own catalogue, listing products is trivial. Products which are not already in the catalogue can be added as long as they have an EAN or UPC number (a barcode, basically).
  • A-to-Z guarantee. Amazon guarantees all marketplace transactions so consumers can buy with complete confidence.
  • Chargeback protection. Payments are managed by Amazon Payments, so sellers are protected from fraud-related credit card chargebacks. Sellers still bear responsibility for chargebacks related to their service.

….and disadvantages

  • Painfully high fees. Whilst Amazon does not charge to list items, it adds a hefty sales commission of 15% (+ VAT) for most items. However, unlike eBay, which separates marketplace and transaction fees, Amazon‟s fee includes transaction processing.
  • Lack of branding opportunities. Unlike eBay, there are very limited branding opportunities available on Amazon for standard sellers.
  • Strict service levels. Marketplace sellers must adhere to Amazon’s performance level policies which relate to refunds, shipping times and feedback. If a seller fails to meet certain criteria, their account can be suspended.

Advantages of eBay…

  • Branding. eBay offers multiple opportunities to create a branded presence including HTML listings and eBay shops.
  • Feedback. eBay’s famous feedback system provides a trading history for every member, acting to reassure customers that they are dealing with a reputable business.
  • Payment protection. For products purchased via PayPal, consumers and retailers are both covered for up to £3,250 per year (some conditions naturally apply).
  • Disposal of distressed stock. Whilst a good marketplace for just about any product, eBay is particularly good for disposing of distressed stock and gets far higher prices than traditional liquidation channels.

…and disadvantages

  • Fraud. Unfortunately the very openness, ubiquity and ease-of-use of the eBay system make it a magnet for fraudsters of all types. This takes several forms including identity theft, items not as described and products not arriving at all.
  • Poor practices. Most sellers provide an excellent level of service but as in any organisation there are some rotten eggs.
  • Fees. Some sellers complain about the high level of fees. At 8% to 10% of the sale value of an item, eBay compares very favourably with other forms of online marketing.
  • Time. Answering buyer questions and providing feedback can make selling on eBay time consuming.


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