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What’s PDF format? So many people want to convert PDF files to word!

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

What’s PDF format?

Did you have PDF EBOOK for you products’ description?

So many people wangt to convert PDF files to word, when them fond some usefull EBOOK about Specifications and so on.

But! It is expensived for them to pay Adobe Acrobat software.

TWEAK PDF Converter has some kinds of software which is able to convert pdf to word, pdf to doc..word / doc to pdf...

We have been using Microsoft Office for long time. Most of us have good command of Microsoft Word. Try to think about it, if your boss wants you to get the contents from a protected PDF file which was created by a former colleague but he is not working for the company anymore.

What will you do? Or you need to reformat your novel to meet the publisher’s demand, but you’ve lost the original Word file, how do you edit your work?

Or you are working on the dissertation and need to quote lots of statistics from your professor’s PDF files,

but the format changed after you copy and paste to Word document, you must be frustrated about that.