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Above 10 ways to Convert a Word Document to a PDF File!

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Above 10 ways to Convert a Word Document to a PDF File!

Many people are confused with Convert a Word Document to a PDF File?

When a teacher want to edit Ebook for her students?

When a clerk want to make a products instruction Ebook?

When you want to open a pdf file in word document?

There have been times when we needed a PDF file to edit. So we have converted that to a word document with the help of hundreds of free software across the internet. But what if you need a word document to be converted to PDF? If you love to read through the computer screen then PDF is always the best option. So is it for print-outs. Here are Above 10 easy ways to let you convert a word document to a PDF file format.

First way: You can Using Open Office, this convenient way to save a word document to pdf files. Abode company have the same service. But some word 2003 ,2000 can be convert to pdf files. Second way: You can Using Online Converter, Search for in the internet.

Click ‘browse’ and select the file on your computer.

Click ‘Convert to PDF’ and wait for it to process.

They will send the link to your PDF file to your e-mail inbox. Maybe sometimes this way waste long time to get E-MAIL. It’s not convenient.

There are also many website can convert, You can try them too. But I chose it only because its fast, secure and more importantly supports upto 20 MB of file size to convert to PDF which others don’t.

Third way: Some free trial pdf converter software you can try! Some free trial software is very functional and convenient. For example: Nemo pdf converter, you can free trial in this web site:

Nemo PDF Converter 4.0 works! It can successfully help you complete the task to convert PDF to Word or Word to PDF, Excel to PDF for your using of the content in different formats.

Fifth way: You can Using Google Docs,

Backup your file

Go to

Click upload

Click browse

Select the file you would like to convert

Click the upload button

Under the file menu; on the far left, under the Google logo select save as PDF. Though there have been complaints that the saved file differs from the actual. The conversion is not centpercent error free.

Sixth way: Compatibility with Open Office -If you have Open Office installed on your computer, then you need to install Open XML Translator to able to read docx files – download Open XML Translator3. No Software install, convert files to doc format online -I found this method best to able to read docx files without hassles of installing any software. There are number of online tools to convert docx format into doc.


Next way: Make eBooks with Word and Office Plug-in, Save As PDF Maybe you have used to edit your story in Microsoft Word, it is convenient and efficient. To make a PDF eBook, you just need to convert Word to PDF. Using this Office Plug-in SaveAsPDF, you can quickly save Word document to PDF file. It is totally free, just download it from Microsoft. Cons of this way: you need to have Microsoft Word installed in advance, and you can only save one Word document to PDF file each time. Also it is not very convenient for you to edit the converted PDF eBooks if you don’t have the original Word documents. In this case, you can use AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter to convert from PDF to Word. It is a fast and accurate tool that enables you to convert PDF to Word 2007, 2003 and 2010.

10 ways above I summarized hope can do you some favor to make your PDF eBooks efficiently.

For more information or software related to PDF such as:

Maybe help you! Happy new year!

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How to edit image formats (jpg) to pdf?

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

How to edit image formats (jpg) to pdf?

You want above 100 pictures to pdf, using the tool.

The most popular task and perform is to convert jpg/image formats to pdf.

If you have require some uesful step, It’s very easy job.

image to pdfDownload all to pdf 3.0 in and istall this PDF Converter software.


“Add File (s)” to add your image format/jpg files in this web software.

then remove all the add image formats of yours.


Stard to convert, but you choose your files for the output pdf files.

you can choose “D” in your PC.


At last, you can “Convert” your image formats (jpg) to pdf, wait for a few minit.

That’s all. May helping you.